Custom order


Example of custom production of a work bag.

Despite the multitude of bags that exist on the market it is not always easy to find satchel on his arm. This was the case for this client who wanted a bag that was not too large but could hold a laptop as well as some office equipment.

Work to be done

An original bag adapted to the customer’s needs, with a main storage and a pouch to slip a few pens as well as an adjustable shoulder strap.

Some information

A custom-made bag allows you to adapt it to your real needs. It will have the right amount of storage and will not be too big or too small.


Made from a mixture of tawny leather and brown leather, this bag is compact while allowing you to carry with you the necessary for meetings everywhere. An interior storage on the side also allows to accommodate some pens.

Its adjustable shoulder strap with an original system gives it an unusual look and can be worn over the shoulder or crossed.


  • Custom-made,
  • Hand-stitching,
  • Flax yarn,
  • Hand-polished slices,
  • Finish of tinted and waxed slices with beeswax.


Laptop 15″, small A4 binder and pocket document A4, some pens.

Antoine M.

August 2017

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