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Tobacco joke

Example of custom-made tobacco joke

Make a tobacco joke, add a dwelling for the leaf packet, and, if possible, an area to store filters. And if it were possible to add a Maltese believe, that would be perfect.

That is the request that this client made to me. Well be, challenge met, and even more!

By digging my head a little and doing my graphic research, armed with my pencil and leaves, I came up with an original design with the Maltese cross (it was the easiest), to create two dwellings to carry up to four filters without creating over-thickness in the joke (tobacco), and, icing on the cake, to add this idea of closing the joke with magnets hidden in the linings , which allows it to be glued to the tank of the bike without risking scratching it.

Work to be done

A leather tobacco joke with a housing for the packet of leaves and, what is not common, two filter doors.

Good to know

The Maltese cross is the symbol of protection for bikers.


Made from soft black leather, this tobacco joke can accommodate, in addition to the packet of tobacco, a packet of leaves and up to four filters thanks to its two filter holders.

Its magnet closure also allows you to stick it to the tank of a motorcycle, convenient for having your hands free and riding quietly!


  • Hand-crafting and sewing,
  • Flax yarn,
  • Hand-shaped line,
  • Hand-polished slices,
  • Finish of tinted and waxed slices with beeswax.


Ken B.

May 2018

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