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Archer cuff glove

Example of custom realization of an archer's cuff glove.

There are different types of cuffs for archers, some are a simple elastic sleeve or featuring an elastic or lace tightening, others more complete with an elastic or lace tightening and to which one adds a gauntlet. It all depends on what you’re looking for as an archer. Should the headline be as small as possible? Should it correspond to a particular look (medieval, futuristic)? Should it be used to protect only the arm or also the hand?

In this example the cuff has a gauntlet and has a very medieval appearance. The tightening is done by a yaw and a system I have developed allows to adjust the gauntlet by hand perfectly.

Note that adding a glove to the cuff helps to bring stability when you sweat a lot at the hands, the leather allowing on the one hand to absorb perspiration, and on the other hand to come “stick” to the handle.


This cuff glove was part of a command with an archer’s breastplate. The two items had to be tailored (remotely!), and coordinated in terms of colors, although the leathers used are different.

Good to know

An archer’s cuff should be flexible enough not to interfere with wrist movement, and hard enough not to fold as the rope passes, so choose the leathers carefully!


Made from soft leather, this cuff glove is made up of 5 different elements. A technique I have specially developed allows the glove to be adjusted automatically to avoid floating inside the hand and the bow does not slip.


  • Made to measure remotely,
  • Hand-stitching,
  • Flax yarn,
  • Brass Rivets,
  • Hand-polished slices,
  • Finish of tinted and waxed slices with beeswax.


Romain M.

December 2017

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