Opinel Case No.8


Handmade leather case for your Opinel No.8

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Theleather case for Opinel No.8,is fully made and sewn by hand. It is designed and manufactured in France.

The first representative of my range of cases for Opinel, it is 2.5 mm thick cowhide with vegetable tanning and can be worn at the waist. Opinel No.8 is the perfect size to carry with you while offering comfortable use.

Each case is made to order.

I created this case to allow you to wear your Opinel under any circumstances.

With this original case you can keep your Opinel handy every day discreetly, in the city or out (forest, mountain or countryside).

This case does not need closure, it is molded directly on the knife, which ensures a perfect hold. You can see a demo video on my Instagram account (Tiipiik).
However if you want to be sure that your Opinel will never move,you can opt for the
version with closure,
created at the request of some customers.


  • Custom-made,
  • French craftsmanship, hand-stitched at the right point,
  • Flax yarn,
  • Vegetable tanned leather,
  • Length: 11 cm without the knife, 12.5 cm with,
  • Width: 7 cm,
  • Thick: 3.1 cm,
  • Going from belt to 35 mm,
  • Hand-shaped line,
  • Hand-polished slices,
  • Handmade slice dyes,
  • Finishing slices by hand with natural beeswax,
  • Other dimensions of Opinel on request,
  • Sending around the world.

Made entirely in a traditional hand-made way in theTiipiiK leather workshop in Cognac,France.


In case of contact with water let it dry in the open air. Apply a fat body (e.g. glycerinated soap) to nourish the leather and restore its luster.

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