Opinel case

Whatever the size of your Opinel, the TiipiiK leather workshop offers a range of leather cases tailored and customizable to the application. Give your Opinel a beautiful case!

A case for your Opinel

The best-selling French brand knives in the world! The Savoyard brand Opinel has developed this knife with multiple uses. Simple and efficient,available in several sizes and versions, there are even now limited editions of the famous number 8.

Also to accompany these everyday knives as well as exceptional, theTiipiiK leather workshop offers you to offer a beautiful leather case to your Opinel, whatever its number.

Made in the workshop in Cognac,these cases are traditionally made entirely by hand. The seam, also made by hand, ensures our cases a lifespan at least as long as that of your knife.

Opinel case 6

The smallest Opinel to carry with you. Small, discreet, but effective!
Offering a case is a challenge given its small size, but it allows you to take it with you everywhere. Its one-handed release allows for optimal comfort of use in all circumstances.

Find theleather case for Opinel 6 in the shop of the workshop.

Presented only in black, but also available in brown on request.

Opinel case 8

Small knife passes -everywhere and very practical. It is probably for these reasons that it is the best-selling Opinel in the world. Compact and light, it is also very effective.

The leather cases for Opinel 8 are available in brown and black in the shop.

Opinel case 9

Halfway between Opinel 8 and Opinel 10, the number 9 combines compactness and robustness. It is also more suitable than the number 8 for some hands.

Available in black or brown, to be specified when ordering.

Opinel case 10

0pinel brown leather case 10
Horizontal port case for Opinel 10

Larger, the Opinel number 10 is a very good knife for everyday use. Robust, it allows you to sculpt wood. It also makes a very good table knife.

The horizontal case is available here,the vertical version here. For any customization request you can use the contact form.

Opinel 10 vertical leather case
Vertical port case for Opinel 10

Opinel case 12

The biggest opinels usable (we will not talk about the number 13 which is out of norms!). Very practical for carving or pruning branches. Its impressively unfolded size will have the most beautiful effect on a table, accompanied by a sausage or ham.

Find theleather case for Opinel 12 in the shop of the workshop.

The cases for Opinel in bag version

Because having your Opinel on you is not always easy, the TiipiiK leather workshop has created these flat cases, to protect your Opinel in your pocket or in your bag.

Flat cases are available for Opinel 8 in the shop. Version 7 will be available soon. In the meantime, you can use the contact form. Same thing if you want this type of case for another size of Opinel.

Do you have an Opinel of a different size?

The TiipiiK leather workshop offers you to make your leather case regardless of the size of your Opinel. Don’t hesitate to send a message to find out how we can create a case for your Opinel.

Want a different type of case for your Opinel? Contact me and I will study with you your project of a custom leather case.