Creating bespoke leather goods

The Tiipiik leather workshop specializes in the creation of bespoke items. Whether it’s holsters, belts, satchels, whatever the project, it’s above all yours. The workshop is there to accompany you in the process of having a product that suits you and that is unlike any other.

Classic or completely crazy,do not hesitate to contact me to study with you your project, and sometimes also bring new ideas! Don’t forget that a craftsman is there to make you benefit from his know-how,but also to advise you and sublimate your project.

Be careful though, if it seems to me that your project carries risks (for you as for others), I inform you and I try to find a compromise with you to best respond to your request.

Bespoke leather archer glove
Bespoke archer's glove
Plastron d'archère en cuir sur mesure
Plastron custom made for an archer (95E). In the background a cuff glove for an archer being finished.

The Bespoke "Remote"

Specific to the TiipiiK workshop, remote tailoring is to make your items to your best without moving. Convenient if you don’t live next door to the workshop!

I have developed a set of techniques andtools that allow me to make any type of custom-made article on demand. Don’t hesitate to contact me for your project, even if you don’t live next door.

Examples of items already made to measure and remotely: plastron, archer’s cuff, parrot cuff, bracelets, satchels, knife cases.

Creating custom leather items also means making your belt your waist your waist, when the trade belts are cut from 5 cm to 5 cm. It’s making sure your bag is exactly the size you need,as I happened to do. A customer was looking for a bag that was neither too big nor too small, which he could not find in the store. I was able to make him the bag he was looking for.

Last but not least, yes, in general a custom item is more expensive, but not that much! This often takes longer,which explains the price difference, but the opposite is that you gain comfort and you have a unique item. A painter’s painting is unique, and it took time to be thought out and realized,the same goes for your leather item.

Do you have a bespoke leather project?

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