L'atelier cuir de Cognac

TiipiiK is a traditional leather leather saddler workshop where the work is done entirely by hand using ancient techniques

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"Ventura" Skua leather case

Knife cases

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Tawny leather women's handbag

Leather goods

Handbags, card holders, bracelets... sold on the site.

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Durable or not a leather article?

I often have clients who contact me telling me that they are looking for something “sustainable“. Strange question for me, because everything I do in thought and designed to be sustainable. There is good news in this: 1. people realize that they are being sold items that are not designed…

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"Magnificent leather case that exudes quality. Thank you very much! "

William M.

"Your leather work is art and craftsmanship that I will enjoy wearing."

Kelly B.

"The customer service is truly impeccable. Thank you again!"

Emilie L.

Craftsman and creator

More than a profession, leather work is a passion.Leather is a noble material that lives with us and accompanies us all our lives,like a love, if it is maintained it will last forever.

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Each item is made entirely by hand in the leather workshop in Cognac.

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Leather Workshop in Cognac

When I founded a leather workshop in Cognac, I wanted to reconnect with the traditional work of the bourreliers. That’s why I only use old leather working techniques and no machine. Each operation is carried out by hand in the workshop to offer local, artisanal and quality work.