Folding knife case

The TiipiiK leather workshop makes custom leather folding knife cases.

Whether it’s folding or a fixed blade, a knife always needs a holster. A folding knife case protects it and even carrys it with you without the need to put it in a pocket.

Highly known knives, such as Opinel or Laguiole can have generic leather cases, i.e. whatever the knife the case will be suitable, but for specific knives or knives made by cutlers, it will often be necessary to make a custom case.

In this case almost everything is allowed, although aesthetically it will always be better to return to the shape of the knife.

All folding knife cases are made from full-flower leathers, most often with vegetable tanning.
Moulded leather cases are always made from vegetable-tanned leather because they are the only ones that can be molded.

Knife door - inside

Find the cases for Opinel from the TiipiiK leather workshop

The cases for Opinel made by the TiipiiK leather workshop are made of full-flower leather, made and sewn by hand.

Different models exist depending on the numbers and the port, vertical or horizontal.
In addition, if you want a specific case for your Opinel, I can make it to order.

Nontron knife case

Made during an order, this Nontron knife case is directly molded onto the knife. It is handcrafted and sewn in a vegetable-tanned leather. Manufacturing on demand.

Original design of the TiipiiK leather workshop in Cognac.

Nontron leather case

Bespoke Case for Laguiole

Laguiole leather case

Example of leather case folding knife for Laguiole. Made of two-tone leather. It was made to protect the knife in its owner’s bag. Completely hand-crafted and sewn.

Original design of the TiipiiK leather workshop in Cognac.

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