A traditional leather workshop in Cognac

A few words about the workshop

Founded in Cognac in 2016 by Yohann Decharraud, the TiipiiK leather workshop is a workshop where work is always done by hand, handcrafted and without machines.

J'ai besoin de toucher, de sentir mes mains sur de la matière, de sentir les formes se modeler sous mes mains, de voir un objet prendre forme.


Finally, it is a story that begins a long, long time ago in the Berrich countryside.

As a kid I spent a lot of time at my grandmother’s house in a lost hamlet of four houses. There was a garage with old tools whose names and usefulness I didn’t know. A mix of eras were both recent screwdrivers and draft necklaces. All this intrigued me and I spent hours trying to do something of it, without much success it must be admitted. No one was there to explain to me, to show me how to use all this. But, but, but, I end up making a few objects.

The years passed and I moved away from this garage. Catching up with civilization, video games, school, my steps guided me to other paths. I still stayed in manual and creative practice with drawing, then comics, sculpture, before going to university, then digital. A time interested in 3D, it is in web development that I end up landing. I’ll be there for over 10 years.

But digital has a major flaw for me: it is too virtual. An attempt to return to 3D fails for the same reason. I need to touch,  feel my hands on matter, feel the shapes model under my hands, see an object take shape.

The revelation will take place at the turn of a of leather workshop. Materials, smells… For God’s sake, of course! Back in the past with the collars of strokes and harnesses which I did not understand the function. Everything lights up. Leather gives me everything I was missing. The sensations are there, to go through my spine. This is the path I want to follow and not another.

Until now I had only followed the movement, guided by the family, the situations. From now on I took control, I drew my own path. I knew it was going to be difficult, but I had to get there, there was no other option.

My research to find training around Cognac does not satisfy me, until I have the idea to look at the source: leather workers who could teach me,the old-fashioned, the trade. If it is to start as a clerk so be it.

Luck smiles at me and I meet in a leather workshop a couple of leather workers, saddler him, she leather goods maker, both bathing in this environment since their childhood. I couldn’t have asked for anything better!

After a quick overview, the future darkens. As I thought the road is going to be rough. Although skillful with my hands I have no knowledge of the equestrian world, or even of the work of leather. Too bad, I’m going for it. They entrust me with pliers, needles, thread and leather falls and after showing me a sewing technique,invite me to try. The early days are hard, but the will remains intact. No matter the stings and the blisters, the pleasure is there and it will not disappear.

After this journey, today the leather craft is revived in Cognac through the TiipiiK leather workshop! And if you don’t have the opportunity to move to the workshop, you can visit the on-line shop.

Preview of the TiipiiK leather workshop

Petit à petit, technique après technique, j'apprends, je me perfectionne​

And because we are better together

A collaborative workshop in Cognac

If I am mostly alone in the workshop, I sometimes work with outsiders from other trades. So here are the people who are part of this workshop in one way or another. They are all on Cognac or its surroundings (Angoulême, Saintes...)
When you want, you can.

Yohann Decharraud

Programmer converted into the work of leather, I strive to carry out a thousand-year-old profession and bring my personal touch.
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